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Yes, I know. It has been months since I’ve updated this blog and a lot has happened since then. Life has been crazy busy these past few months. School, brothers, packing, moving, packing again, moving again…it’s been a mess. But I am finally settled in and ready to update this blog on a more frequent basis.


Hang In There

Mac beach ball

Hang in there: I am well aware that this blog has not been updated in a very long time, over a month, I believe. Lately, I have wanted to write about the latest SONY screw up when PSN user data was stolen. I was prevented from doing so by a lack of time. School has been taking priority. I’ve also been sick so every spare moment was spent taking Buckley’s medicine (horrible stuff…but it works) and blowing my nose.

I will make this blog a priority and post more frequently. Thank you for continuing to visit.

Make Facebook More Secure

I know you use Facebook. I use Facebook all the time. I’m sure you have seen people who were hacked on your newsfeed. Your friends turning into a spamming robot giving you links to penis enhancement pills or that oh-so-annoying “Is this a picture of you?” with a link that just sends your info to the spammer so that they can turn you into a spamming, penis obsessed robot.

Thankfully, Facebook is trying to prevent this by encrypting the data as it gets sent back and forth to their servers which makes it harder for hackers to get this information.

Note: If you do not see these options on your Account Security page, be patient. It is rolling out slowly. Scroll down to the bottom for an alternate way to do this.

On Facebook, go to Account:

Step 1 FacebookThen Account Settings:

Step 2 Facebook

Then Account Security:Step 3 Facebook

Click change and the options will show up. Check the button that says “Secure Browsing (https)”: Step 4 Facebook

After you click save, you should notice in the browser that you are now on https. (I am using RockMelt so the URL bar will look differently if you are on a different browser)Last Step Facebook

If you do not see the Secure Browsing option yet and don’t want to wait for Facebook to give the option to you: you can manually do this by typing in Clearly it would be annoying to do that every time you go to Facebook so just create a bookmark with that URL and click on that when you want to go to Facebook.

Using HTTPS does not make your account 100% secure but it doesn’t hurt having it, especially if Facebook is a site that you frequently use.


So I said I would start a technology blog…and here I am, starting a tech blog.

If you know me, you know that I want to be a tech journalist in the future so I figured this would be good practice. I have no intention on making this a breaking news type of blog, more like an editorial blog where I read articles from the countless tech news sites and post my opinions on what’s going on in the tech universe.

I plan on posting my first real post later in the week.