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Well, what can I say? I am a college student with a technology obsession. I spend about 3 hours a night reading tech sites or listening to or watching technology podcasts. I know what you are thinking: “GET A LIFE!” but you see, technology is my life. Half of my relaxing time is spent researching the latest gadget that just hit the market. I can name technology journalists like you can name athletes. I’m that person that is ready to throw out every physical book I own in favor of the eBook format. I am also waiting very impatiently for hoverboards and for the highest resolution television possible.

So, who am I to write about technology? What the hell do I know? Well, nothing professional. I’m a simple guy who has a passion for taking the most nerdy information and simplifying it for normal people who can’t tell you off the top of their head what their internet speed is. As far as journalism goes: No, I am not a journalist…yet. I started out as a photography major in college and after a year of taking class, I noticed that photography was not something I wanted to continue doing. I switched to New Media Technology where I learned how to create Flash animations and websites but that is not what I want my career to be. I know what I want to enter a creative field and I would love if I can express my creativity while also working with the newest gadgets all day.

Nerd Ink? It’s a name I came up with for a class assignment that just kind of stuck in my head. It has NOTHING to do with tattoos. I am a nerd and I am not ashamed to admit that. The “Ink” is a little ironic since we all know that a true nerd probably hasn’t touched ink on a paper in years. I’ve created the banner myself.  If you have a better name, let me know. Also, if you own nerdink.wordpress.com, can you PLEASE remove ownership because nerdinkblog.wordpress.com isn’t as cool. Thanks.

“Why should I read this?” You might ask. Well, hopefully you read what I have to say and continue to come back because I provide an interesting opinion or because I take complicated news and make it easy to digest. At least, that is what my goal is. You have the power to say if I am failing or succeeding in that. I hope you enjoy my posts and continue to come back. I’m going to try to update as much as I can. I promise.signature


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